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Unlock 100 Videos

Unlock 100 Landing Pages

Unlock 100 Images

Money-Back Guarantee

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BONUS: LogoSauce

BONUS: Our Top 499 Subject Lines

BONUS: 3 Sales Video Presentation Template

Upgrade To Vumu 10X Edition

14-Day Money Back Guarantee | No Recurring Fee

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Hey, we noticed YOU DECIDED not to take advantage of the Vumu Unlimited Offer…

Customer results are our first priority, and we want everyone to succeed with Vumu (because that means more testimonials for us)...

So we decided to create a ‘Lite’ version of Vumu Unlimited that is much cheaper but still contains essential elements that will get you amazing results in less time.

Now, everyone can get access to this important upgrade.


A Special Upgrade That Allows You To Scale Your Vumu Campaigns At An Affordable Price!

Imagine it as having a toolbox filled with over a hundred versatile tools ready to tackle any job.

In today's diverse market, one size rarely fits all. With Vumu 10X Edition, you're not just getting a handful of images, videos, and landing pages – you're getting a whole arsenal of possibilities.

Just think about it…

Instead of trying to hammer a nail with the same old rusty nail, you have access to a shiny new toolkit filled with every tool you could ever need.

Which means you could start a new campaign using images, videos, and landing pages from these 100 you unlock with 10X Edition.

That way you’ll be able to sell different services to different clients in different niches - EASILY!

Here’s everything you’re getting with Vumu 10X Edition:

This truly allows you to take your prospecting efforts to the next level. 

Just so we’re clear:

With your Vumu’s current plan, you can have 5 videos that will be personalized based on which prospect is viewing them.

Unlock 100 Videos

With 100 videos, you can create personalized prospecting videos for different industries you want… for ANY occasion you want… be it prospecting, getting employees, interview invites, getting backlinks… you name it! 

You can create a separate video for every single goal you have in mind! 

Again, this gives you the freedom to customize the prospecting images you create in Vumu for 100s of people. 

And create an image that’s tailor-made for each of them. 

For example, you could have a different image targeting prospects to whom you offer digital marketing services…

Unlock 100 Personalized Images

A different image for ones you want to target with design services… 

A different one for those you simply want to connect and build a relationship with… 

In essence - you can have a custom, hyper-personalized asset for any goal you’ll ever have!

When you picked your copy of Vumu, it came with a bonus training on… 

How to build a list of prospects and sell them your services… without ever meeting in person via email marketing. 

Well, my friend, landing pages play a major role in this process. 

With 100 landing pages, you will be able to create opt-in pages that are customized for audience segments you’re targeting. 

Unlock 100 Landing Pages

You could create a different opt-in page for your prospects who operate in the real estate industry… 

A different one for those who work in finance… 

Different opt-in pages for those who you simply want as potential guests for your podcast…

Not only that…

When you DO decide to sell them something, the sales pages and landing pages, will be customized to them as well… shooting your conversion rates straight through the roof!

That’s the power of having unlimited customized landing pages with Vumu.

Priority Support Team Access

If you pick the 10X Edition and start creating MORE prospecting campaigns with Vumu, you’ll most likely need additional support from us… and we’ll have your back all the way!

Not only, you will be provided priority support, but we’ll also share with you the best practices for using Vumu to achieve whatever goal you have in mind.

After all, over the past few years, we’ve pounded out over 50,000 hyper-personalized campaigns for ourselves and our clients for any goal you can imagine. 

So we know what works all across the board. 

And we’ll be happy to share all our findings with you when you need them to take your business to the absolute next level!

Upgrade To Vumu 10X Edition

14-Day Money Back Guarantee | No Recurring Fee

Pay $147 - Today Only!

Same Bonuses, Low Price!

If You Pick Up The Vumu 10X Edition Upgrade Today, You Also Get Access To:

Exclusive Bonus #1

3 Sales Video Presentation Template

Get 3 Done-For-You presentation templates that you can use for your business or your clients. Each template comes with complete resell and whitelabel rights.

Exclusive Bonus #2


Create your own Logos using LogoSauce. Your brand or Logo creates a First and Last impression on your clients and customers. Now you can ditch the logo freelancing services and Turbo-Charge your Logo creating process your time and money.

Exclusive Bonus #3

Our Top 499 Subject Lines

We send a LOT of emails. So our team has compiled our top 499 emails by open rate. These are yours to download immediately. When you start sending emails, you won’t need to start from a blank slate. Know exactly what to write about by picking one of these 499 emails.

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  • 100 Video Creation
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  • Priority Support Team Access


  • BONUS #1: Our Top 499 Subject Lines
  • BONUS #2: 3 Sales Video Presentation Template
  • BONUS #3: LogoSauce

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We know these features & enhancements are going to help you dominate your competition and give you the financial security and freedom you deserve… 

Which you achieve when you can land a meeting and pitch your products and services to anyone you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get this upgrade later?

A: No, you can’t get this upgrade later because we’ll take it down once the launch is over. If you want to increase the limit on images, videos, and landing pages to 100, then this is your only chance to get this upgrade.

Q: Is the Vumu 10X Edition Upgrade essential for Vumu campaigns?

A: No, you can still run campaigns using the commercial version but there will be a certain limit to these features. But if you want to unlock 100 images, videos, and landing pages, then you need this upgrade. 

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, you’re covered with our 14-day money-back guarantee. We carry all the risk on our shoulders, so you don’t have to.

Upgrade To Vumu 10X Edition

14-Day Money Back Guarantee | No Recurring Fee

Pay $147 - Today Only!

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