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Here’s A Scoop of What You’re Getting Today:

DFY Business Website

DFY Sales Proposal

DFY Telemarketing Scripts

DFY Email Swipes

DFY Legal Contact

DFY Graphics Banner

DFY FB Ads Creativity

DFY Business Cards

DFY Rate Cards

DFY Letterheads

DFY Client Contract Template

DFY Invoice

DFY Proposal for Funnel Creation

DFY Ad Script & Copy

DFY Sales Video Script

DFY Proposal for Web Design

DFY Client Testimonial Templates

DFY Video Proposal Script for Funnel Creation 

DFY Social Media Post Templates

DFY Video Proposal Script for Web Design

We Literally Took Care Of Everything For You!

No Hidden Charges. No Recurring. 

Get Everything Today For Just $47!


Now that you have access to Vumu, you can land a meeting with ANY clients no matter what industry they are in…

You can pitch any service using Vumu campaigns…

Everything is ready for you to start landing meetings with the best prospects.

But There’s ONE Problem Standing

Between You Working With The Best Clients And 

Charging Premium Prices..

See, I’ve been in the online world for over 2 decades…

When I started my journey online, I was selling content and copywriting services.

And since then, I’ve worked with TONS of clients - Good And Bad.

If you think having good clients is a feat only TOP service providers can pull, that’s just a myth.

You can be a newbie and work with the best clients if you do things right from the start…

You can charge premium prices…

You can work on your own terms…

And you don’t need 20+ clients to make $20K or more a month.

You just need 5-10 of the best clients.

The Thing Is…

The Best Clients Work With The Best.

If You Have Established Authority In Your Niche - You Can Charge Premium Prices – And You Will Attract

Only The Best Prospects!

Let me explain this with a quick example…

Have you see someone selling a website?

What’s the best they can get… some people would brag $500 – some would say $2,500 was their best price for a website. (which isn’t anything bad)

But here’s the kicker:

You’ll see some people selling websites for $500, $200, and even $100 in some cases when it comes to freelancing platforms.

And you’ll some top agencies selling this websites for $10,000+ a pop.

Do these websites start making sales from day 1?


Do these websites not need any kind of maintenance?

No. It’s not that either.

In some cases, the websites designed for $500 are better compared to a $5K design.

And it’s not just the case with website design.

Every online service fall into this category.

Because the only thing that allows a few people charge more for their services is their POSITIONING & AUTHORITY.

You can’t expect to get paid even $5,000 for a website on a freelancing platform.

Whereas if you have positioned yourself as an agency owner - you will attract the best clients and higher prices.

Which is one of the biggest reasons I’ve prepared this special upgrade that will allow you to position yourself as an authority in any industry.


Vumu Business Kit

Get Access To All The Resources, Templates, Assets, Ads, Contracts, Scripts, Proposals, And Sales Video You Need To Land The Best Client & Command High Fee - All Done For You!

No Hidden Charges. No Recurring. Get Everything Today For Just $47!

Here’s Everything You’ll 

Unlock With This Special Upgrade:

F E A T U R E 1

DFY Business Website & Ads

Within minutes, you’ll be able to drive clients to your own customized services site with proven to convert ads that talk about sales and prospecting services.

This website also comes with:

DFY Content

The website comes pre-loaded with content so you don’t have to write anything yourself or pay anyone.

Client Testimonials

We have prepared credible client testimonials that you can use on your website to showcase authority in the niche.

Featured Samples

Close deals easily with these ready-made samples to impress prospects.

Custom Paypal Integration

Manage your transactions seamlessly with custom PayPal checkout integration.

F E A T U R E 2

DFY Templates & Assets Club

You’ll also get all the templates and sales assets you need to get clients and collect payments. We understand the importance of positioning and empowering your agency to thrive in today's competitive landscape. 

That's why we've meticulously crafted every element you need to excel, ensuring nothing stands in the way of your success.

DFY Client Contract

Secure top clients and premium fees effortlessly with our ready-to-use contract template. Simplify client agreements and protect your agency's interests.

DFY Email Swipes

Kickstart your sales and prospecting agency with our done-for-you email swipes. These skillfully crafted emails are ready for you to customize and send, helping you effectively communicate with your prospects and clients.

DFY Telemarketing Scripts

Perfect your pitch with our done-for-you telemarketing scripts. These expertly written scripts are designed to help you effectively communicate your services over the phone, so you can close deals with confidence.

DFY Graphics Banner

Make your brand stand out with our done-for-you graphics banner. Designed by our design team, these banners can be used on your website or in your marketing materials, giving your brand a polished, professional look.

DFY Business Cards

Take your networking to the next level with our done-for-you business cards. Professionally designed and ready to print, these cards can help you make a memorable impression at every business encounter.

DFY Rate Cards

Keep your pricing transparent and easy to understand with our done-for-you rate cards. These ready-to-use rate cards are designed to help you communicate your prices effectively to your clients.

DFY Letterheads

Add a touch of class to your business communication with our done-for-you letterheads. These well-designed letterheads are ready to use, helping you leave a lasting impression.

DFY Invoice

Simplify your billing process with our done-for-you invoice. This invoice template is ready to use, making it easy for you to manage your billing and payments.

F E A T U R E 3

DFY Proposals Package!

These proposals can be used for any service you offer because they can be easily edited. With professionally crafted proposals and video scripts for funnel creation and web design, you can effortlessly attract top clients and charge premium fees. 

Streamline your client acquisition process and position your agency for unparalleled success. Here’s what’s included in this package:

DFY Proposal for Funnel Creation

Close premium clients with ease using our professionally crafted proposal for funnel creation. Position your agency for success and charge premium fees effortlessly

DFY Proposal for Web Design

Elevate your agency's positioning with our ready-to-use web design proposal. Attract top clients and charge premium fees confidently, simplifying the client acquisition process.

DFY Video Proposal Script for Funnel Creation

Impress potential clients with our expertly crafted video proposal script for funnel creation. Secure premium clients and charge top fees effortlessly, positioning your agency for success.

DFY Video Proposal Script for Web Design

Streamline client acquisition with our ready-to-use video proposal script for web design. Attract premium clients and charge competitive fees confidently, enhancing your agency's positioning.

If You Pick Up The Vumu Business Kit Today, You Also Get Access To:



Gain instant dominance in any niche of your choice with our solution. Armed with invaluable insights, you'll effortlessly navigate to where the money flows, even before investing a single cent. Stay ahead of the curve, maximize your returns, and seize every opportunity with confidence and precision.


Product Creation Bootcamp

In this training, you’ll see my best strategies for creating an info product in less than 4 hours. In fact I did this LIVE in front of everyone and ended up selling over $1,089 worth of this info-product within 24 hours.

No Hidden Charges. No Recurring. Get Everything Today For Just $47!

But, Don’t Miss Out – Available 

for the First 50 Buyers Only

Why limited spots?

There are 2 reasons we have limited spots.

Personalized Support:

With limited spots available, we can offer personalized support to every member. You'll receive dedicated attention and tailored advice, ensuring you make the most of your investment from day one.

Timely Action:

y acting now, you guarantee yourself a competitive edge. With limited spots, waiting risks missing out on valuable opportunities and potential growth. Seize the advantage today and start dominating your niche sooner rather than later.

We have this limited-time offer only for our founding members. 

Normally getting these assets will cost you more than$997… but today, you can get everything you see on this page for a low one-time investment.

So don’t miss out on the most valuable upgrade. Because this truly holds the power to change how much money you can make with Vumu.

Plus, We’re Taking on All the Risk…

If for any reason you don’t get fast results after trying the special business kit, just let our rapid response support team know and we’ll issue you a prompt refund. 

That’s right… If you can’t get Vumu Business Kit to rapidly grow your business in 14 days, you don’t have to pay anything at all.

Secure Your Launch Discount 

Before the Price Rises…

Business Kit

Normally $997 Get It Today

For Only:



  • DFY Business Website:
  • All Website Pages Created with content
  • Add Business Clients Testimonials
  • Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered
  • Custom PayPal Checkout Integration
  • DFY Sales Proposal
  • DFY Email Swipes
  • DFY Telemarketing Scripts
  • DFY Legal Contract
  • DFY Graphics Banner
  • DFY Business Cards
  • DFY FB Ads Creativity
  • DFY Rate Cards
  • DFY Letterheads
  • DFY InvoiceDFY Client Contract Template
  • DFY Proposal Template Proposal for funnel creation services
  • DFY Proposal Template Proposal for web design services
  • DFY Social Media Post Templates
  • DFY Email Marketing Templates
  • DFY Ad Script & Copy
  • DFY Client Testimonial Templates
  • DFY Video Proposal Script for funnel creation services
  • DFY Video Proposal Script for web design services
  • DFY Sales Video Script


  • BONUS #1: AD Spy PRO
  • BONUS #2:Product Creation Bootcamp

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